User Terms for the E1 App

1. General

  • a. The E1 App (or “this App”) can only be used by Approved Users (“Users”)
  • b. An Approved User is an individual who has been allocated a User Account.
  • c. The Users agrees that these Terms may change from time to time.

2. User Account

  • a. Users agree to inform the Company of any changes to their account information within 7 days.
  • b. Users agree to maintain the necessary minimum professional indemnity insurance as may be required by the Building Professionals Board (“BPB”) from time to time.
  • c. The User agrees to keep confidential any access details (username or password) issued to them and also inform the Company or any known breaches or misuse of such access details.

3. Services Provided by the E1

  • a. Users agree to make first contact with the end client same (or next) day.
  • b. Users agree to effect Orders only after receiving the returned signed contact with the underlying client.
  • c. Users agree to upload to the E1 App (or use an alternative process as made required) copies of the Certificate of Compliance, Certificate of non-Compliance, and Written Notice of Non-Compliance as soon as practicable.
  • d. Users agree to forward any required documents, relevant to the underlying clients and services, and within the time frame requested, to the Company.
  • e. Users agree to notify the Company of their unavailability to provide services at any given time e.g. holidays.

4. Payments

  • a. The Company agrees to make payment to Users on or around the 10th of the month following the month in which the User performed the actual work.
  • b. The User agrees to raise any inconsistency in payment to them within 30 days of Invoice, after which time such payment is deemed to be full and final for the period covered.
  • c. Unless otherwise agreed, the User agrees that the Company will accept payments for all services provided in relation to any client and/or pool allocated in the App to the User.

5. Copyright

  • a. The User acknowledges that InfoPower (Aust) Pty Limited (or “the Company”) is the developer and copyright owner of this App.

6. Termination

  • a. Both the User and the Company may terminate this agreement at any time with not less than 30 days written notice during which time the Company will finalise outstanding payments to the User.